Each hospital in the Capella Healthcare family publishes a Community Benefit Report which provides an overview of the contributions they’ve made to their community, over and above the healthcare they provide.

These reports provide a summary of taxes paid, charity care and uncompensated care as well as other investments in the community, including physicians recruited.  The hospitals also reflect on the time, dollars and other resources given to support their community’s charitable organizations, schools, Chambers of Commerce, and economic development initiatives.

Did you know that Capella and its affiliated hospitals pay millions of dollars in property and sales taxes?  These dollars help support city, county and state governments, including the funding of schools, public safety, building of roads and assistance for people in need. In fact, our hospitals are generally among the largest taxpayers in the region they serve as well as one of the largest employers.

In addition, some of the other services our hospitals provide for their communities include:

  • Providing free health screenings for students, seniors and the public
  • Sponsoring Athletic Trainers for high school or college sports teams
  • Hosting educational programs
  • Supporting civic clubs
  • Providing student scholarship support or educational program grants
  • Assisting with economic development

To learn more about our hospitals’ contributions to the health, economy and quality of life in the communities we serve, follow the links below to see the Community Benefit Reports produced during the 2015 year, reflecting 2014 community benefits and contributions. The newest reports will be publishing during the second quarter of 2016.

Carolina Pines – Affiliated with Capella Healthcare on January 1, 2015

Capital Medical Center

Eastar Health System

Kershaw Health – Affiliated with Capella Health on November 1, 2015

National Park Medical Center

Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Southwestern Medical Center

Willamette Valley Medical Center

Not only are our hospitals caring for the health of those they serve, they’re improving the health of their communities.  Here are a few additional stories and photos about how our employees are helping others:  Serving our Communities