Capella Healthcare partners with communities to build strong local healthcare systems, setting the standards by which other community healthcare systems will be judged. At Capella, we know that delivering the highest quality of care and service is more than just an imperative of the market place. It’s also the right thing to do. So our commitment to patient care takes many forms, including continually expanding medical services, acquiring new technology and recruiting needed physicians. We provide our hospitals with the tools and training for performance improvement. We utilize quality reporting to monitor and improve care and we conduct ongoing surveys to monitor how well we are doing in serving our various constituencies – patients, physicians, employees and the community.

When we take good care of those we serve – and those who serve – we’re living the mission even as our vision becomes reality.

Our Mission

Together, making health care better for our communities.
Setting a new standard in patient care excellence.

Our Vision

Hospitals in the Capella Healthcare family will be the center points for transforming the quality of life in their communities, focusing first on improving the health and well-being of every individual.


Our staff is passionately committed to exceeding our patients’ expectations. For a few examples of the outstanding care provided by our staff, see what our patients have to say, check out a few of our testimonials>>


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