Our Mission

Together, making health care better for our communities. Setting a new standard in patient care excellence.

Our Vision

Hospitals in the Capella Healthcare family will be the center points for transforming the quality of life in their communities, focusing first on improving the health and well-being of every individual.

Our Values

Capella employees and physicians:

  • Are committed to working together, collaborating to provide the best possible health care
  • Make the safety, comfort and well-being of our patients the top priority
  • Are honest and truthful, acting with integrity at all times
  • Are courteous to all, respecting the feelings and viewpoints of others
  • Value all resources and use them wisely

Our Operating Philosophy

Our operating philosophy revolves around five pillars.  These are our guiding lights as we set goals and make decisions.  They establish our priorities while helping us to achieve balance.  Most importantly, they help ensure we all know that quality and culture, service and finance are not separate concepts distinct from each other, but are all vital for success.


Michael Wiechart, President and CEO of Capella, discusses Capella’s focus on five pillars in this video which was taken during a “Welcome to the Family” reception held at a newly affiliated hospital. “Our culture is really built around servant leadership. We see our role being to support you all in what you do. Plus we have a stewardship back to the community that we take very seriously… that’s why we intentionally put the ‘people pillar’ in the middle. We invest a lot of time in our people and that focus is largely centered on the notion of empowering and developing leaders across the country.”

Our five pillars are:

  • Quality – Passionately committed to providing the highest possible quality of care (right care, right time, right setting);  Providing the tools and training that helps our caregivers follow best practices as shown through evidence-based medicine.
  • Service –Dedicated to exceeding the expectations of all we serve, and achieving continuously high customer satisfaction feedback.
  • People – Committed to collaborating with all constituents, empowering those who deliver the care and those who lead the people and processes;  Our de-centralized operations model allows our local leaders to do what they do best, while relying on corporate staff for resources, support and counsel.
  • Growth – With solid financial strength, providing the resources that enable our hospitals to purchase new technologies, add services and recruit physicians to broaden the scope and quality of care; strengthening our relationships with physicians, recruiting strategically to meet community needs, and partnering to align incentives.
  • Finance – Focused on good stewardship of all we have;  Together leveraging our experience, shared wisdom and size to identify best practices and create efficiencies.