How is Capella different from other health care companies?  First and foremost, we are different because of the way we partner with and empower the people who are Capella.  From our Physician Leadership Groups to our strong local Boards of Trustees to our focus on fully engaged employees, we aggressively seek ideas, initiative and involvement from those who deliver the care.

Additionally, we never forget that healthcare is local and that we must have strong local leaders who prioritize constituency satisfaction.   In this challenging environment, our leaders must be proactive, compassionate and creative while consistently making tough, yet balanced decisions in the best interest of their hospital and all of their stakeholders.  They must know how to deliver outstanding quality care and excellent patient service with a superior focus on engaging their physicians and employees.  These are the things that will drive growth and will create a successful thriving community hospital.

We commit to keeping our focus on empowering our leaders, partnering with our caregivers and communities, and providing resources that will help them succeed in what they already know needs to be done.

NPLG - Jan 2016

The 2016 National Physician Leadership Group at the January Leadership Conference. The NPLG includes physicians from each affiliated hospital.