To Our Patients:

At Capella, we believe delivering the best possible patient care is more than just an imperative of the market place. It’s also the right thing to do. So our commitment to patient care takes many forms, including continually expanding medical services, acquiring new technology and recruiting needed physicians. We provide hospital staff with the tools and training for performance improvement. We utilize quality reporting to monitor and improve care and we conduct ongoing surveys to monitor how well we are doing in serving our various constituencies – patients, physicians, employees and the community.

But for us, taking care of business means, first and foremost, taking care of patients.  When we do that right, our vision becomes reality.

To Our Communities:

Each hospital in our family of hospitals will grow in strength as a regional hub of care for its region.  We strengthen and transform hospitals, providing the tools they need to outpace their competition.  We will:

  • Continuously improve the quality of healthcare in the communities we serve;
  • Strengthen each hospital’s financial capabilities in order to expand services through investments in new facilities and  equipment as well as the recruitment of physicians and other essential clinicians;
  • Serve everyone who needs care regardless of their ability to pay;
  • Build outreach services and strong regional networks;
  • Foster a workplace culture of innovation, quality improvement, competitive salaries and high morale, recognizing that employees are the hospital’s front lines representatives to the community;
  • Provide cutting-edge management support to all areas of hospital operations;
  • Nurture strategic partnerships with physicians;
  • Facilitate an active all-local Board of Trustees and promote strong medical staff relations;
  • Provide capital for growth without the use of tax dollars;
  • Add to the vibrancy of community life;
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other organizations, including health care providers and educational institutions among others.

We recognize that people want to contribute, they want to make a difference, and they know when their input is valued. Our de-centralized operations model allows our local leaders to do what they do best, while relying on corporate staff for resources that enable us to share best practices and to leverage our size to gain efficiencies.

As we ramp up to meet the expanding needs of our growing family, we are taking great care to select the very best people who are the right fit for our culture and our style. We focus intently on identifying the right people for the right positions at the right times.