Our Key Vendor Partners

By leveraging our size and common initiatives, Capella Healthcare is able to secure outstanding pricing to partner with industry-leading companies to provide even more expanded resources to support our hospitals. To equip our leaders, employees, physicians and Board members with the tools and training they need to achieve their quality and service excellence goals, Capella has invested in these additional resources:

Studer Group

  • The leading national company that works with hospitals to improve patient satisfaction and quality outcomes, the Studer Group provides tools, guidance, training and other resources to help our hospitals with their customer service initiatives. Each hospital has a Champion Leader who is assigned to lead their patient satisfaction efforts in addition to their Chief Quality Officer.

What is Evidence-Based Leadership?

Evidence-Based Leadership (or EBL) is a framework that allows organizations to create a system of aligned goals and absolute accountability that ensures people will execute well every time. It provides a foundation that allows organizations to quickly drill down to the tactics that most impact their desired outcomes. This framework ensures leaders have the skills to execute in a nimble and consistent manner. As healthcare delivery is impacted by reform, organizations that have embraced the EBL framework are able to respond faster and more effectively to industry changes. (From The HCAHPS Handbook, published by Studer Group).

Learn more about EBL here>>

Visit the StuderGroup website here>>

  • If you are a Capella Healthcare leader, set up your account or sign onto the Capella-Studer website here>>
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Ridley Barron Ministries (RBM)

  • Capella has partnered with RBM as an added resource for our patient safety initiatives. The mission at RBM is about taking personal tragedy and using it for good. Ridley lost his 17 month-old son, Josh, due to a medication error just five days after losing his wife in a tragic family car accident. These events could have shattered Ridley’s world. Through faith and determination, he chose to use them as a platform for challenging individuals and institutions to put patient safety first. Since that fateful day in 2004, Ridley has shared this message across the country with hospitals, churches and families. In medical settings, Ridley offers a victim’s perspective on patient safety and offers professional suggestions on how to improve the quality of patient care. His focus is one of hope, healing, and forgiveness for those on both sides of a sentinel event.

To learn more about Ridley’s story, check out the short video on the right or visit the Ridley Barron Ministries website.

The Advisory Board Company

  • Capella is a member of The Advisory Board, a company which provides research and decision-support guidance on hospital and health system strategy, operations, and clinical management. They offer a host of best practice research, teleconferences, tools and presentations addressing today’s most pressing issues. In addition to the Health Care Advisory Board, our entire family of hospitals has access to all of the training and research available through each of our memberships – Clinical Advisory Board, Health Systems Performance Initiative, HR Investment Center and the Marketing and Planning Leadership Council. Capella also utilizes the Physician Leadership Academy and the Crimson Clinical Advantage.

Crimson Clinical Advantage

  • Capella’s National Physician Leadership Group chose The Advisory Board’s Crimson Continuum of Care as the tool through which the company would address physician quality performance improvement. A revolutionary platform to help hospitals better manage patient quality and costs across hospital inpatient, outpatient and physician clinic care settings, Crimson Continuum of Care combines best-in-class business intelligence technology with dedicated implementation support, ongoing research on physician enfranchisement, and membership in a rapidly growing national peer collaborative. The Crimson initiative is helping Capella’s hospitals and physicians work collaboratively to advance quality goals while delivering the efficient, compassionate care.

Beverly Craig, RN, Capella’s vice president of clinical risk management and regulatory compliance, was recently featured in a seminar by The Advisory Board, sharing with other hospitals how Capella’s hospitals have used Crimson to develop new protocols that reduced length-of-stay.  Watch this video to learn more>>

HealthStream Research

  • Capella hospitals aim to exceed the expectations of all of our constituents – patients, physicians and employees. We contract with HealthStream Research to measure constituency satisfaction for all of these stakeholders, as well as to conduct community perception surveys. Our hospitals are expected to achieve HCAHPS outcomes at or above national averages and to be their regional leader.

HealthStream Learning

  • Capella employees and physicians have access to extensive training and educational programs through HealthStream Learning, a company that focuses in human capital development using online and classroom courses. There are more than 400 electronic courses in all discipline areas available to employees and physicians. We also customize a curriculum for each hospital, based on a needs assessment developed by hospital CNOs, CQOs and Capella’s CQO.

LEAN Healthcare

  • In an effort to improve our ED processes and improve ED patient satisfaction, Capella has begun the rollout of LEAN Healthcare, starting with our emergency departments. Preliminary results include a significant increase in overall patient satisfaction. The next phase of the project includes medical/surgical and intensive care nursing units.

HealthTrust Purchasing Group

  • Our affiliation with HPG, serving nearly 1400 participating not-for-profit and for-profit acute care hospitals, allows us to earn the largest discounts on supplies, implants, etc. in the industry. The health care dollar is precious so spending it wisely is a core strategy of Capella and our partner hospitals.

Sullivan Group Emergency Department Education Modules

  • Capella hospital ED nurses and physicians have access to specialized ED education through Sullivan Group, a leading provider of patient safety, risk management, and performance improvement solutions.

Focus on Patient Safety

Ridley Barron travels throughout the country working with hospitals on improving patient safety, using the death of his son Josh from a medication error to help health care professionals see through the eyes of a victim. In this video from his website, hear Ridley talk about his personal goal to do all he can now to bring good from a very bad situation.

Improving Quality

How can hospitals use the data they have to deliver higher quality, lower cost, and better coordinated care? Beverly Craig, Vice President of Clinical Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, describes how Capella Healthcare has used Crimson Clinical Advantage to share performance data with physicians and develop new protocols that reduced length-of-stay.